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How Charterhouse Accountants can help you and your business

We have a team of certified tax advisers, who are specifically trained and gained experience in tax, not just generally as accountants. We support businesses and personal clients at all stages by providing effective support and financial clarity to help achieve their goals. We strive to provide highly professional services to our clients and build a stronger reputation for accountancy, taxation, advisory and consultancy services for small and medium-sized businesses based in the UK or international companies wishing to start up and grow up in London.

Optimise your Tax

Charterhouse has a deep knowledge of current tax and statutory requirements for all business structures and sectors. We have a breadth of experience in applying these to the benefit of our clients, minimising the impact on the organisation and maximising your bottom line.

Our strategic yet pragmatic approach, means that our tax advice is designed to meet your objectives, yet provide the practical steps that delivers confidence, consistency and compliance.

As greater emphasis is being placed on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities, you need the right professional tax advice and support if you are to optimise your tax position. We understand the issues facing businesses and are committed to providing expert, objective and timely tax advice, delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

Digital Record Keeping & MTD

Following to recent implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD), businesses and organisations (which includes those with income from property) are required to maintain digital accounting records. Maintaining paper records ceases to meet the legal requirements in tax legislation.

Businesses are now required to use a functional compatible software product to submit their returns to HMRC. The software uses HMRC’s API (Application Program Interfaces) platform to submit information to HMRC.

Not sure about how to implement the new changes or require assistance in migrating date to a digital systems such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or any other software? We can help you with the initial migration and making sure the data integrity as well as provide training to all of your staff in ongoing compliance. We are certified advisers of Xero and QuickBooks with many years of experience in digital transformation of bookkeeping systems.

Identify and prevent Cash Flow crisis

We do not have a standard reporting package which we expect our clients to adopt. Instead, we tailor our financial reporting to the particular needs of each client so that the directors and front line management team receives the information they crave and are in the position to make very informed decisions about tactical and strategic matters.

Our monthly/quarterly management reports are aimed to prevent a cash flow crisis down the line and these are not the standard templates from the software package. We flag up the issues identified by us in the notes section, these are then communicated to our clients.

Remove the Hassle

Modern companies are learning that running their own finance function is not always the right option. The best finance departments demand a wide variety of skills and experience, from accounting and payroll professionals to tax specialists. Finding and keeping the right mix of professionals to ensure that your finance department runs smoothly is an expensive business.

Companies that outsource their finance function to Charterhouse are able to concentrate on the key areas of their business, safe in the knowledge that key financial tasks are in the hands of trained professional staff, leaving them to concentrate on their core business.

Not just for the established companies, our bookkeeping service has been designed to take away the hassle of keeping the books as well as to relieve you from the pain of payroll and pension, helping you to get it right, avoid penalties and find peace for all the businesses regardless of their size.

Take Care of your Relationship with HMRC

Your increased reporting obligations, wider HMRC investigation powers and harsher penalties for noncompliance, mean that your time and resources can be taken-up with tax administration. We can help you to minimise tax exposure and relieve the administrative burden.

As tax advisers with several years of experience liaising with HMRC on behalf of our clients, our objective is to work closely with you to assist you with tax compliance, pay the right amount of tax at the right time and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

We will help you to understand the tax implications of your actions, in order that you can plan ahead and conduct your affairs in a tax efficient way.

Protect your loved ones

So whether it’s your kids, spouse or close family members, our integrated legacy planning services ensures that your loved ones are protected from unnecessary tax bills and tax risks. Estate planning can save a huge amount of tax. Your estate is a combination of your property, savings, investments, other assets, wherever in the world they are held and any gifts you give away.

Taking action early means more of your money going to your beneficiaries and less to the taxman. There are many ways to manage, reduce or eliminate an Inheritance Tax bill. Inheritance Tax is usually charged at 40% on anything above your nil rate band – so the potential tax savings will far outweigh the cost of planning and expert advice.


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